Hi! I'm Rachel,

and I'm so grateful you are here! Learning about canine nutrition began for me because of a dog named Daisy, but I have possessed the passion for animal wellness my entire life. I've had the amazing opportunity to grow and train within the natural pet industry over the last few years, and have repeatedly experienced first hand the good that whole foods can do for animals. I have unfortunately also witnessed the negative effects of the highly processed, nutrient lacking, alternatives being recommended by most traditional Veterinarians. I still have a lot to learn, but I am encouraged and eager to get healthier options in the hands of more pet parents.

This marketplace offers some of my favorite pet products, and a selection for the humans too. In hopes to share some of what I have learned, resources can be found here.

I am currently in pursuit of becoming a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, and look forward to offering consultations in the future! For now, I hope you and your furriends enjoy the curated items of Wags & Wellness.

🌼 Rachel 🌼

Wags & wellness

Selling only human grade treats, made in small batches, within the USA.

🌿 A variety of organic treats available

🚫 Zero corn, soy, or anything artificial

*If you are interested in purchasing treats wholesale, please reach out to wigglebuttandcosales@gmail.com

Supporting American businesses that give back.

All featured brands give back in one way or another.

Whether by donating treats, time, & revenue, or through routine sustainable practices, their missions are prioritized over profit.