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Solutions Pet Products

Solutions Pet Products - Parasite Free 8oz

Solutions Pet Products - Parasite Free 8oz

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Ingredients: Black Walnut, Witch Hazel, Wormwood, Kutaja, Vidanga, Chaparral, Celandine, Peppermint, Diatomaceous Earth, Anise, Cascara Sagrada, Chicory, Senna, Slippery Elm

The purpose of this product is to assist the body in purging unwanted visitors from the digestive tract. Which means yes, it's intention is to cause not only diarrhea, but diarrhea in conjunction with a disconnection of parasites from the intestinal wall (which may result in a small amount of blood).It is important that you expect your pet to have some level of diarrhea and a small amount of blood when using dewormers – it is important to allow this process. However, it is also important that you do not accept a level of diarrhea that is dehydrating to your pet and you do not accept a large amount of blood. Ensure that your pet has access to increased amounts of clean water and that you take your pet to the vet if diarrhea or blood becomes excessive with the use of this product or any deworming agent

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